Super Craps Strategies for Everyone

The best way that you can improve your chances of winning at craps is to devise a winning craps strategy. Craps is mostly about luck with a certain amount of playing skill and experience thrown in for good measure. The actual outcome of each craps game is actually based on the come out roll so knowing all the basics including rules and strategies is the only way to succeed in the game once the come out roll has occurred.

Winning Strategies for Craps

If you are quite new to the game of craps there are a number of different avenues which you can pursue in order to become more familiar with rules and strategies in craps. There are a number of free online sites where you can get free tips and advice on playing craps. This will help to build up a solid and reliable craps strategy which will ultimately help you in making good decisions and good bets. This also includes understanding the odds, which odds will help you win and which odds will produce low value results.

Bets Offer

If you are playing online craps then your best strategy lies in understanding and knowing which bets offer the best odds. For instance, a pass line bet has a low house advantage of just over one and a half percent, the any seven bet has a higher house edge at around sixteen or seventeen percent. This then means that the pass line bet is the one to go for. The do not pass bet also reduces the house edge to just one point three percent.

Good Bets

There are other good bets that you can try like the place bet for six or eight. Be warier of a bet on a five or nine bet as the house edge for either is quite a bit higher at around four percent. It gets even worse with a four or ten place bet which increases the house edge to a staggering six and a half percent. One of the most common pieces of advice that many craps players follow is having three numbers covered when playing, a combination of a pass line bet and come line bets.

Craps Rules

After the pass line bet come the do not pass bet. Quite simply, the do not pass bet is essentially the opposite of the pass line bet. If the shooter throws a two or three he wins, if he throws a twelve he is even and if he throws a seven or eleven he loses. So as you can see it is quite opposite to the pass line bet. The same applies however for four, five, six, eight, nine and ten, as before these numbers establish the point.

Here the opposite is still in effect, if the shooter is playing a do not pass bet then he must roll a seven or eleven before the point number in order to win. If he does roll the point first then his original bet is then lost. Now we can examine how the come bet works, the come bet is a bit like the pass line bet except that it is placed after the shooter has performed the come out roll.

Come Bet

The come bet actually goes to the point number and is essentially the number that you are betting on. The come bet is really an extra bet, over and above the pass line bet and is there so that players are able to cover more numbers to win. Once again there is an opposite to the come bet, this is the do not come bet which is very similar in the way that it works to the do not pass bet.

One more bet that you need to be aware of and understand are the odds bet. The odds bet can be placed on a pass line bet, a do not pass line bet, a come bet or a do not come bet. You can think of the odds bet as a sort of back up bet to any bets that you have already placed. The odds bet generally have a higher pay out but this is also dependent on the number that you are betting on. Place bets depend on one of the point numbers being rolled before a seven.