Short Craps History

Craps is one of the oldest known gambling games in the world and is much older than many people, who may only be familiar with the online version, actually realize. An interesting fact that not many people may know is that the game of craps can actually trace its roots all the way back to the ancient Middle East where a similar game was known as Al Zahr. This game was adopted by the early English Crusaders and re – introduced to Europe as Hazard.

Craps Expansion In The World

The game spread like wild fire throughout Europe and was especially popular in France. It is through its popularity in France that it eventually reached the shores of the New World. French sailors brought the game of Hazard with them to New Orleans. The name eventually changed from Hazard to craps because of a few new rules and methods of play, one in particular was the French term for a roll of the dice that resulted in two, in French this was known as crabs. The term was misunderstood by new players as well as those watching the game play; instead of hearing crabs they heard craps. The name stuck and this is still the game we know today.

Craps soon became the most popular game in the whole of New Orleans and it did not take long for this exciting game to begin spreading out northwards and westwards to the new territories. The game of craps experienced a rebirth in popularity in the late nineteen forties, culminating in the birth of Las Vegas, the new gambling capital of America. Craps was and still is one of the most popular table games in any casino, whether it is Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Today online casinos are even bigger than land based casinos and you can bet that online craps is one of the most played of all online casino games. One of the most popular features of the onl9ine variety of craps is that you can play free craps games, this is really great for those who want to practice.

Craps Tournaments

When you have played craps for a while and also understand all of the rules and strategies that accompany the game you may want to try your hand at something that is even more exciting than regular casino craps. Craps tournaments are extremely exciting and fun to take part in and craps tournaments are quickly overtaking online casinos because they provide a great deal of fun, opportunity and reward for only a small risk.
Craps tournaments are very similar to other casino tournaments such as slots tournaments or poker tournaments in so far as the way that they are organized. You have to pay a fee to enter the craps tournament, these entry fees vary depending on the type of craps tournament and the online casino hosting the tournament, some are low and some are higher. Generally speaking however, the general rule of thumb is the higher the entrance fee, the higher the prize or pay outs will be.

If you want to enter a craps tournament just be sure that you can afford the buy in, it is never a good idea to over extend yourself. Once you have taken care of the entry fee you will then get casino chips which you will then use during the tournament. The tournament is quite simple, every player who is participating in the tournament receives an equal amount of chips and the player who has the most chips at the end of the tournament is the winner.

Craps Tournament Rules

The rules in tournament craps are exactly the same as they are in regular craps games, you can do all of the same bets but in certain tournaments or in certain cases you are limited as to how much you can bet on proposition bets. It is a good idea to examine each and every craps tournaments rules separately in case they are different, never assume that they will all be exactly the same. A good example of this is the pass or do not pass line bet, some tournaments will require you to make a bet on either for every roll.