Play Craps Right

In order to learn to play craps you need to learn at least a few of the most basic rules of craps. Craps is one of the more complex of casino games, there are quite a number of rules that you need to know about. There are also different sets of odds which can also be quite complex but which, once learned, will prove to be very helpful to you. This should not deter you however as the actual core of the game is quite straight forward and can be learned in quite a short space of time.

Learning The Craps Basics

If you want to learn the game then there are a few basic things to note before attempting to play the game. The game of craps is essentially quite simple, a shooter throws the dice and, based on the results, a number of things occur, someone wins, someone loses and the game continues on. Craps can be a very fast game and just based on a single throw of the dice the shooter can win or lose immediately. This all depends on the resulting number that the combined dice produce.

Craps Gameplay

The shooter needs to place his or her bets down on the craps table before they are allowed to shoot. Other participants are allowed to place all manner of side bets in the process. These side bets are determined by a number of different odds. The first bet is called a pass line, this is a standard bet. After this bet the shooter can throw the dice. This first throw of the dice is known as the come out roll. If the resulting number is either seven or eleven the shooter wins. This bet is an even money bet or one to one, if however, the shooter throws either a two, three or twelve he or she will lose. Four, five, six, eight, nine and ten are all point numbers. If this happens then the shooter will need to roll that same point number again. If the shooter succeeds then the game continues but if he rolls a seven, he loses.

Craps Table

The craps table is the source of a great deal of excitement and entertainment. It can also be quite intimidating, especially to new players or players who find themselves on a losing streak. One of the main reasons that many new players often feel so intimidated or overwhelmed is simply because of the actual craps table itself. The big craps table can be extremely confusing, there are a lot of different markings and areas on the craps table that indicate certain betting areas and betting options and this can be extremely confusing because these betting options have names which are unfamiliar and this further exacerbates the confusion.

Table Rules

Adding to the sense of overwhelming confusion is the crowd, craps is unlike any other casino game, it draws a big crowd who want to watch an exciting game, and they scream and shout and cheer. If you want to play craps you would do well learning the rules and how the game of craps works, how the table is set up and so on. You will then no longer feel intimidated or overwhelmed.

Craps Dealers

One of the first things that you need to learn about a craps table concerns the craps dealers. In a land based casino craps game, there can be up to four people working a single craps table. They all have a specific title as well as a specific job description. Firstly, there is a box man, the box man’s main job is to protect the chips on the table, observe the dealers and exchange larger chips to smaller chips with specific colors to players.

The next position is the base dealer; there can be a single base dealer or two base dealers depending on the craps table. The base dealer is responsible for taking bets on or both ends of the table; if the table is really busy then there will be two base dealers. The last position is called a stick man. The stick man is at the center of the table and announces the play and collects the dice with a long stick after every throw.